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Sunnybell Bolivia

Telcom Ip Solutions Provider

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General office

Calle Enrique Finot N° 271
Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Phone: +59133341762
Contact Person

Guido Lopez / General Manager
Phone: +5917867181202 ext.
Phone: +59175004843
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Wildcard TDM410

Wildcard TDM410Digium Wildcard TDM410 is a half-length PCI 2.2 compatible card that supports FXS and FXO interfaces for connecting analog telephones and lines through a PC, it was developed as a replacement for TDM400P. By using IP-PBX Asterisk Open Source software and a standard PC, the user of Digium Wildcard TDM410 could build a small office telephone system, which will have all of the sophisticated and useful features of modern telecommunications equipment for big business.

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United States K. Net Technologies

Khartoum Net Technologies is a registered company under the law of Texas , established in 1998 with a Branch office in Dubai U.A.E. Khartoum Net Technologies has built one of the most extensive integrated voice networks, representing a key step in our ong

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