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SIPSRUS is a SIP Trunk provider cuts down actual cost of communication within and outside the business infrastructure by 50 percent on inbound and outbound phone service giving you the stellar opportunity to reduce costs effectively whilst maintaining eff

As we grow, we are guided by the following values:

To be passionate about everything we do.

To listen to our customers and provide them with quality solutions, that is the best value for their money and which brings a smile to their face.

To maintain our integrity and nurture an open, innovative and fun open source work culture.

To be a leader, leading a team to success, exceeding expectations in the assigned tasks, or taking new initiatives that create value for the company and the customer.

To Innovate, newer ideas to change the game, the processes, the engineering.

We expect our customers to take a second and view how we can indulge in your service. Feel free to write us if you have queries regarding the technologies offered. You can email us at

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79 Pine Street, Suite 235
New York City
New York ,10005
United States

Phone: 877.388.1971
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James Smith / Project Manager
Phone: 877.388.1971
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SMDR/CDRThe majority of PBX systems are able to output Call Detail Record (CDR) or Station Message Detail Record (SMDR). Basically the systems are the same and they contain detailed information of telephone activity inside the organization. Usually these reports contain information regarding all the incoming and outgoing calls, the information includes dates and times of the call, duration, direction, numbers dialed and Called ID.

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