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Servicalls SAS Colombia

Servicalls SAS

Servicalls Company... Telefonia IP, Telefonia VoIP, Voz IP

Ofrecemos nuestros servicios de telefonía VoIP para empresas que utilizan central de
llamadas o empresas dedicadas a la prestación de servicios de marcación telefónica
masiva con tarifas preferenciales por volumen y destino.

Contamos con la última tecnología en comunicación voip brindando a nuestros
clientes confiabilidad y garantía al momento de afiliarse con nosotros.
en este caso empresas: consultoras, asesoras, call center, Distribuidores y Mayoristas.

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General office

Servicalls SAS
Cra 47 clle 56c - 70 local 1
Bolivar ,57

Phone: 3163322445
Phone: 3164540912
Contact Person

Edgar David Yepez / CEO
Phone: 3164540912
Phone: 3163322442
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Shared and Mirrored Extensions

Shared and Mirrored Extensions Shared Extension is when a group of agents has one and the same extension line. During the incoming call the phone will ring at several agents simultaneously. Mirrored Extensions is when you have one and the same extension line on several phones, in example, in the office, at home and on the cell phone. So when someone calls your extension all you phone sets sharing the same extension will ring.

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