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real talk Bangladesh

Real Talk ltd all time good voice & good quality

Real Talk ltd all time good voice & good quality
a2z route all time good quality

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General office

real talk
dhaka mir pur
dhaka ,3900

Phone: +8801819442444
Phone: 01819442444
Contact Person

jahidul hoque rana / charman
Phone: 01819442444
Phone: +8801819442444
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Billing Software

Billing SoftwareBilling Software was created in order to handle billing and time tracking as well as invoicing the customer for products and services. This software can also track worked hours by employees, as well as the expenses related to projects or clients.

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Canada RSCom LTD

RSCOM, LTD is a licensed facilities based telecom carrier servicing North America and Global A-Z Destinations. RSCOMs customers and suppliers include, fixed line operators, mobile operators, retail and VoIP service providers, who buy and sell voice and IP telecommunications services.

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