Platinum Services Telecommunication Ltd. Malta

Platinum Services Telecommunication Ltd.

Platinum Services Ltd (VoiPlatinum™) is a licensed retail Telecom operator in Malta and an international wholesale carrier.

Platinum Services Telecommunication Ltd. (previously Platinum Services Ltd (VoiPlatinum™) – is an international telecom carrier based and licensed in Malta (EU) since 2012, focused on providing telecommunication services and solutions, including Voice and SMS to retail and wholesale operators, business and private users and resellers. Our wholesale arm offers VoIP and SMS services focused on APAC, MEA and LATAM markets.

Customers are served through 2 different platforms. The wholesale platform is mainly used for reselling with 3 different service levels: Platinum, Gold and Silver.

Retail VoIP platform is serving end-users available at
Wholesale platform is available at
SMS services are available at

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General office

Platinum Services Telecommunication Ltd.
Suite 3, 64/1, Agiton Buildings, St. Anthony Street,
San Gwan
,SGN 1437

Phone: +35620341508
Contact Person

Massimiliano Camerario / CEO
Phone: +35620341508
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Busy Lamp Field (BLF)

Busy Lamp Field (BLF) Allows users tracking the condition of the other telephone or the subscriber, for example, there will appear a signal on the screen of the telephone device informing that the subscriber is on the line and is temporarily unavailable.

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Ukraine IXC.UA

IXC Softwitch is a high performance scalable Class 4 VoIP Softswitch solution with user friendly GUI web interface, which enables secure large VoIP traffic flow over various IP networks.

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