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Our Digital Voice
311 North St
Michigan ,49331
United States

Phone: +1-800-281-4966
Site: http://www.ourdigitalvoice.com
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Mike Lezan / Reseller
Phone: +1-800-281-4966
Phone: +1-616-318-7317
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AP-VP300 Modern design and use of advanced technologies in the field of data and multimedia information makes this fashion phone indispensable in negotiating and managing geographically dispersed offices. Based on the concept of „All-in-one” AP-VP300 videophone offers following services: VoIP, video conferencing, data routing, "Video on Demand”, „IPTV”, video surveillance, media player, it can act as a receiver/source for audio/video broadcast and can be used for "Distant Education".

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Vietnam South telecom

We are the best provider in Vietnam in terms of:
- Traffic termination: Direct route, best rates.
- PC to phone service
- Phone to phone service

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