OFFISA S.A.S. Colombia

Somos una empresa dedicada a la implementación de Comunicaciones Unificadas a través de Plataformas de Telefonía sobre Voz IP, recurso que ponemos a disposición del sector corporativo, para generar canales efectivos y conexión permanente.

We are a company dedicated to the implementation of Communications Unified across Platforms of Telephony on Voice IP, resource that we put at the disposal of the corporate sector, to generate effective channels and permanent connection.
OFFISA, guarantees a professional support certified in the formulation, follow-up and putting in march of all his projects, using technological tools of last generation and qualified suitability.

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General office

Cra 90A No 42 C - 41

Phone: +574 4447370
Contact Person

Yenith López / Gerente de Negocios
Phone: +574 3167765244
Phone: +574 4447370 Ext 201
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Fax to Fax

Fax to FaxIt is a method of communication based on text messaging between two fax machines, the first one calling to other one to send a fax, the recipient receives a text on A4 paper and after that communication process ends.

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