Nexco Networks Canada

Nexco Networks is a hosted PBX and SIP trunking VoIP internet provider based in Montreal, Canada.

Nexco Networks offers business a reliable and quality telecommunication services. Nexco Networks has been recognized to offer the best in Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking because of its ease of use and always available support team. We are also one of the only companies providing a Private Internet connection along with Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking services. This gives our customers unmatched quality, performance and cost savings.

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General office

Nexco Networks
1080 Beaver Hall suite 1665
Quebec ,H9J 3N5

Phone: +1 5144473430
Contact Person

Anuj Gotra / VP Sales
Phone: +1 5145581558
Phone: +1 5145581558
  • Cloud-based Unified Communications Service Provider
  • Hosted VoIP
  • Blue Lava Prorietary 2 & 4 Port Analog VoIP Gateways
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Yealink SIP-W52P

Yealink SIP-W52P Yealink SIP-W52P is a wireless VoIP DECT system, consisting of a base station and the handset. The system can be expanded up to five additional handsets (Yealink SIP-W52H), each of which can have its own SIP account. Like other VoIP DECT systems, Yealink W52P will work from a distance of 50 meters from the base in the closed space and up to 300 meters in open space.

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India Divox FZ LLC

Wholesale and Retail services.

A2z routes and reseller program available.

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