Naytel LTD Lebanon

We believes that VoIP technology is the heart of every successful business Naytel Telecom helps VoIP Businesses to grow up by extending their footprint by using Terminium networks & connections in the Middle-East region.

Naytel Telecom search for successful long-term partnership with the wholesale carriers based on terms of availability, quality, and competitive rate .

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General office

Naytel LTD

Phone: +961 70 98 76 27
Phone: +961 1 27 08 43
Contact Person

wael alaeddine / CEO
Phone: +961 70 98 76 27
Phone: +961 70 98 76 27
  • International VoIP Wholesale Provider
  • Billing Software
  • Nextone MSC 4
  • Billing system of own development

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Grandstream BT 201 IP Phone

Grandstream BT 201 IP Phone The Budgetone Series from Grandstream brings to the world highly cost-competitive, latest generation SIP phones. In designing Budgetone series a goal was to employ its groundbreaking innovative technology in order to delver to the market IP phones that will provide their users with unparalleled sound quality, extensive list of features, and simplicity - all at an incredibly low price.

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Canada Citel Technologies Ltd.

MCK communication is a part of Citel technologies, The VoIP Migration Company. MCK products like EXTenders, Gateways, and DTI call center solutions, are now available through Citel.

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