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Mexatel SA de CV Mexico

Mexatel es una empresa con base en Canc

Mexatel es una empresa con base en Canc

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General office

Mexatel SA de CV
Av la luna lote 5 desp 102
Qroo ,77500

Phone: 529988723800
Contact Person

Rodolfo Aguila / Director
Phone: 529988723800
  • Hardware
  • Hosted VoIP billing service provider
  • Voip consulting
  • Consultancy Services
  • H.323 VoIP Gateway
  • H.323 Wireless/ GSM VoIP Solutions
  • PC to Phone
  • Phone To PC
  • Phone To Phone
  • Project Mangement Services
  • SIP VoIP Gateway
  • Blue Lava Prorietary 2 & 4 Port Analog VoIP Gateways
  • Cisco Systems
  • DSG
  • Micronet
  • Netvox
  • Billing
  • ixc
  • KSN billing
  • None

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Consultancy Services

Consultancy ServicesThe services provided by professionals in particular field. For example, a company may charge a certain sum of money for the certain tasks their consultant accomplished for the company who ordered the service.

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