Important telecom company, operating on the Romanian market since 1997 and offering a diversified range of services. On VoIP, MEDIA SAT provides both wholesale and retail SIP services for B2B. On the end-users market MEDIA SAT operates

MEDIA SAT is one of the important telecommunications companies operating on the Romanian market. Established in 1997 and being a 100% privately owned company, MEDIA SAT offers a diversified range of services and products in the telecommunications field, from INTERNET access services, Fixed Telephony Services and Call Center services up to integration of Computer Telephony platforms, SMS/VAS telephony services and TV&Radio Broadcasting.
Part of MEDIA PRO group, MEDIA SAT had in 2010 a turnover of 8 million EUR and a Net Profit of 7% from the turnover.
Providing INTERNET services since 1997 and telephony services as early as 1998, before the liberalization - based on an authorization for closed users group, MEDIA SAT is one of the pioneers in the field of these services, developing special competences by providing customized services.
MEDIA SAT is specialized in providing professional services to the Business market, using its own infrastructure and its strategic partnerships, offering optimized solutions based on customers needs.
On the end-users market, MEDIA SAT owns the 1st Romanian messenger, With Alonia, users can benefit from low cost PC to Phone and Mobile VoIP services.
MEDIA SAT is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

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General office

Ferdinand Bd., No. 99, Sector 2
Bucharest ,021385

Phone: +40318252700
Phone: +40318252623
Contact Person

Roxana Patrascu / Telephony Director
Phone: +40318252606
Phone: +40744537133
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