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maple4VOIP is a pan-European distributor/e-tailer of premier VOIP Appliance, Gateway, IP PBX, Router, and Voice/Data Card hardware telephony technologies and solutions.

maple4VOIP provides a wide range of premier VOIP Appliance, Gateway, IP PBX, Router, and Voice/Data Card telephony technologies and solutions from Manufacturers such as ATCOM Technology, beroNet, Digium, OpenVox Communication, Sangoma Technologies, and ZYCOO.

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General office

Hauptstrasse 9
Bayern ,83052

Phone: +49 8062-7269930
Contact Person

Nick Maddicks / General Manager
Phone: +49 8062-7269930
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Skype for iPadSkype for iPad is perfectly designed and optimized precisely for that device. It offers the best of both worlds for users who want to make greater use of Skype on the go. Big screen of iPad is perfect for Skype video calls and it supports both horizontal and vertical orientation. And since we are dealing with IPad, Skype video calls can be made on the beach, in the car or even lying on the couch.

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