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Mainberg is a wholesale carrier of International Long Distance Voice that provides A-Z termination service

Mainberg is a wholesale carrier of International Long Distance Voice. Through its strategic interconnections and partnership with many trusted carriers, including Tier-1 and Tier-2 carriers around the globe, Mainberg is able to terminate voice traffic to all destinations throughout the world.
Looking at the requirement of carriers and end users, Mainberg offers different level of services. Mainberg intends to deliver its partners the exact service(s) they require so that it enables them to grow. The principal business objective of Mainberg is to facilitate its partners grow their business by providing them with reliable and quality services at cost effective prices that they require - Mainberg believes that its partner’s growth can only ensure its own growth.
For a guaranteed level of service, quality and connectivity with CLI, Mainberg offers three different packages for termination to A-Z destinations.
Mainberg is able to interconnect via TDM, public and private IP in Hong Kong, Singapore and London.
For TDM interconnection, Mainberg supports E1, DS3 and STM level interconnection. For the interconnectivity via public/ private IP, Mainberg supports both SIP and H.323 protocol and G. 729, G.723, G. 711 and T.38 codec.
To maintain seamless transmission of your voice traffic, and to provide you with instant technical support, Mainberg maintains 24/7 /365 Network Operations Centre which consist of skilled, supportive and friendly technical staff.

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General office

Mainberg Limited
Room# 309, Hang Bong Commercial Centre, 28 Shanghai Street
Jordan ,28
Hong Kong

Phone: +85239733993
Contact Person

Shafiul Azam / Carrier Relations
Phone: +85239733993
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