Luxms Inc. United States

LUXMS INC. - American VoIP solutions vendor based in the US. Our R&D Center is situated in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Our team offers V2Chat: white label and value adding web VoIP service for B2C companies, carries, and VoIP providers.

V2Chat consists of Flash-to-SIP signaling and media gateway and customizable V2Chat web click-to-call button (Flash+Ajax).

Buttons are placed on client website and made by website visitors via click. Website visitors don''''t need to install additional software to make calls. Calls are made onsite - right from the browser.

V2Chat helps improve customer care, increase customer satisfaction rates and website conversion.

V2Chat enables:
- voice and voice/video calls;
- call forwarding to PCs, landline and mobile phones;
- deeply customizable look and feel;
- adjustable working hours.

Additional features can be included upon request:
- branding;
- call encryption;
- Design Studio for advanced customization;
- access to V2Chat API.

Key Advantages of V2Chat:
- Brand Experience;
- Cost efficiency;
- Flexibility.

V2Chat service is rendered directly to clients. Luxms Inc. is also open for business cooperation with carries and other VoIP operators.

Free two-week trial can be provided:

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General office

Luxms Inc.
World Trade Center Delaware 702 N. West Street. Suite 101
Delaware ,19806
United States

Phone: +1 (408) 554-28-89
Contact Person

Serg Shestakov / CEO
Phone: +1 (408) 554-28-89
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