LEAD TELECOM is a wholesale VoIP carrier incorporated in Miami (Florida), with headquarters in the state of Florida, and collocation facilities in New York – EQUINIX and Miami - NAP

LEAD TELECOM started providing voice services in 2010. Innovative strategies and reduced processes management have helped to be recognized as a vital partner by major Tier 1 carriers and mobile operators around the world it was interconnected with. Today Lead Telecom holds wholesale licenses in USA and offers direct termination globally through its worldwide network of direct interconnections and carries.

LEAD TELECOM currently offers a complete suite of solutions ranging from wholesale termination, to our reseller platform offering white label solution for Voip termination, Voip Origination, DID''s and SIP Trunking, among other services. Our philosophy is based on quality. We understand that our clients (carriers, distributors,resellers, calling card operators, and white label users) make more money if the end users talk longer.

LEAD TELECOM is dedicated to make each customer as successful as it can be. Our voice services offer unparalleled reliability, security, and value and our outstanding customer service will leave you wondering why you ever trusted your business to anyone else. We welcome you to explore a business relationship between Lead Telecom and your company regarding Voice Traffic Termination and other Carrier Services, Enterprise Solutions, and more...

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General office

85 Grand Canal Dr., Suite # 406
FL ,33144
United States

Phone: +1 305 468 4643
Site: http://www.leadtelecom.com
  • International VoIP Wholesale Provider
  • Wholesale VoIP Carrier
  • Partnering for Origination and Termination
  • Sip Trunking
  • Termination
  • Cisco Systems
  • Nextone MSC 4
  • Billing system of own development

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Routing Based on Skill Level

Routing Based on Skill Level The system of distributing calls to agents more suitable by competence, mainly used in call service centers. The necessity for this service arose due to the big amount of incoming calls and in order to cope with them better, all calls are sorted and directed to corresponding agents.

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