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LadiesCom is a new philosophy in the telecom business. For the first time on the market, we are applying an individual approach to every customer, using a comprehensive range of services suitable for our clients. Taking care of our clients are only ladies

LadiesCom is a new philosophy in the telecom business. For the first time on the market, we are applying an individual approach to every customer, using a comprehensive range of services suitable for our clients. Taking care of our clients are only ladies, the leading experts in telecommunications.
The main aim of any successful business is the constant upholding of its competitive advantage. We are happy to supply our customers with everything necessary for successful growth and development of their business, business protec- tion, and protection of confidential information and hardware of the company, reduction of unavoidable risks associated with the field of telecommunications, making competent decisions on the basis of real information.
For this purpose LadiesCom uses the latest industrial tools and methods, especially developed by highly skilled special- its in this field: anti-fraud systems; Billing solutions; Unique databases; Hardware solutions; exclusive agreements and interconnects with partners around the world, thanks to which we are able to meet the requests of any participant of the telecom market; Global Customer Care system.
All these tools allow us to successfully interact with participants of the telecommarket, regardless of the size of their business or their business strategy. Our clients are PTT’s, Wholesale providers of voice services, and clients who are involved in termination of voice services; clients with End Users and their own origination, manufacturers of telecom equipment; organizations promoting Hi-Tech conceptual projects; and companies investing in Know-How Telecom Solu- tions. The main goal of LadiesCom is doing everything possible to ensure that your strategy becomes reality.
One of the most important components of our life in the 21st century is communicating with others; people, who are often at a great distance from us. And the most irritating factors in a telephone contact would clearly be 1) connection quality; 2) cost per minute. Participants of the telecom market are constantly fighting over their clients, yet sometimes forgetting about the main purpose of their existence – to provide their users with a high-quality, low-cost connection.
What is more, communications should happen easily and should not require additional knowledge, be time-consuming or involve overly complicated operations. Since women in our world are forced to perform on the same level as men in business, while fulfilling their traditional duties related to family and home, LadiesCom uses a new approach to solving communication problems.
A lady will no longer have to waste time on connecting services and calculations of total call-costs, on training on how to use equipment and software. We make telecommunication accessible to women, in both financial and technical sense. All our female client needs to do is call us, and we will make everything possible to make her phone calls convenient, cheap and of high quality.*
* - service is available only in Germany.
Global Voice Service
LadiesCom cares about its clients throughout the entire process of collaboration. We strive to satisfy and realize all of the requests and ideas expressed by our clients and business partners, as well as provide clients with competent consultations, technical support and help with issues related to our products and services on offer.
Our aim is to make our clients’ businesses successful, help solve their everyday issues related to telephony, and provide quick and professional support when needed. The following services are offered by LadiesCom:
• Wholesale Voice Services
A unique marketing and market analysis system makes it possible for LadiesCom to competently offer Wholesale Voice Services, giving consideration only to what our clients really need. You will no longer waste your time on long discussions of business-cases and business opportunities.
Our ladies, who are qualified and very experienced in the field of telecommunications will find the optimal way to start cooperation and will help to lower your costs associated with buying high-quality stable services, connect and com- municate with any part of the world. They will give you the best offer in terms of price and quality, organize long-term contracts with fixed costs, as well as offer the best exchange rates.
Our partners are the strongest players on the telecom market, large project and innovation groups, as well as manu- facturers of various types of telecommunication equipment. All of these factors ensure our clients’ confidence in a long-term and remarkably productive collaboration. LadiesCom uses its own security system to fight fraud on the VoIP market, which provides an additional guarantee for stable business. We have a new outlook on the exchange process of voice traffic and believe it will grant success and good mood to our clients.
• Voice Services for Residential and Business Customers
Our ambition is to make the calls of our female clients both convenient and low-cost. LadiesCom offers a solution that combines the easiness of use and multifunctionality of the device, low-cost tariffs for long-distance residential and busi- ness calls, as well as confidentiality of calls. LadiesCom will become your safe friend and will allow you to communicate with your friends and family more often, while saving you money. The staff of LadiesCom will very soon become your very best lady friends.
• Anti-fraud consulting
Unique solutions developed by the LadiesCom project group helped the company to introduce a principally different approach for solving the issue of Anti-Fraud systems application by telecom operators. There is no need to install high- cost systems, the client simply gets information and data, which can be used to take steps to increase profitability and reduce Fraud-associated losses.
Global Voice Service
• Business-consulting in Telecommunications
By using the latest, high-tech analysis systems and significant experience of managing telecom companies, a team of LadiesCom consultants will help your company in identifying the weak points of your business, from organizational structure to tools used to maintain company’s strategy.
Our experts take into consideration the size of our client-company, its business aims, corporate policy and ways of work- ing with customers, financial opportunities, and the nature of offered services. We use our own sources of information, or only information entrusted to us by the client. LadiesCom protects confidentiality of information regarding their clients by all means possible and does not disclose any information to third parties.
• Technical solutions for the provision of voice services
After continuous work on improvement of software products manufactured by the company for its own projects, the decision has been made on creating our own flexible and custom-oriented systems to work with voice services.
These systems incorporate all possible requests of our staff and clients, there is continuous work to improve existing system modules, management and user strategies. Stress-tests are being conducted under conditions of 100% load, as well as in-depth research of opportunities and demands on the market.
• Billing-Solutions
If women appear in one or the other technical field, it invariably leads to maximum automation of all possible processes, while flexibility and customorientation of these processes are maintained.
LadiesCom presents a telecommunications billing system oriented towards use by managers and not engineers. It cor- responds entirely to all the demands of a powerful, stable, high-performance, safe system, as it was developed under strict control, designed and tested by the leading telecom technology experts.
The system was checked for intuitiveness and user-friendliness, and is rightfully the pride of our company. With this in mind, our emphasis is on the affordability of our products and services, as well as on user-friendliness and compatibility with the main systems and devices used in telephony.
Global Voice Service
LadiesCom project groups take part in multiple programs for development of unique software, design of latest innova- tions and concepts used in the field of telecommunications, television, internet, and media.
We always welcome new partners and strive to use all our abilities to make joined projects even more efficient and profitable. You can obtain more detailed information by calling or writing us.
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