Keyhan Telecom Inc. Canada

Keyhan Telecom Inc. is a wholesale carrier company that is specialized on termination and origination services for “mobile and landline around the globe. We are a wholesale carrier based in Toronto, Canada.

Our POP site is located at Kleyerstrase 90, Frankfurt “Ancotel” which is linked to 60 Hudson NY via Telx so our Ancotel POP site with VMMR service has this potential to terminate and originate TDM or VOIP base traffics in Frankfurt, New York, London and Hong Kong, through these POP sites, we have this possibility to save our customer’s Bandwidth and keep our quality and ACD and ASR always in the top.

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General office

Keyhan Telecom Inc.
Ontario ,L3T7L9

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  • did numbers provider
  • International VoIP Wholesale Provider
  • Wholesale VoIP Carrier
  • Phone To Phone
  • Sonus Network
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Analog Adapters

Analog Adapters Analog Adapter – this is a device used for connecting one or several standard analogue telephones to digital telephone communication systems (for example, VoIP) or non-standard telephone systems.

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