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KAIR Systems Limited United Arab Emirates

KAIR Systems Limited

KAIR systems is leading and fast growing aggregator in business of wholesale voice, we also carrying our originated retail traffic from Middle East. We are continuously looking for partners to grow our destinations range by providing best quality without any compromise.

. Kair system is one of the leading and fast growing aggregator in wholesale voice industry. We are also carrying our own retail traffic from Middle East region along with wholesale traffic and terminating through many different world leading telecommunication carriers. As a result, we are able to provide the best quality-cost balanced call termination in the market.

We are strong on below destinations where we are interconnected with direct operators and direct gateway noncli destination suppliers:

Asia : Afghanistan | Pakistan |India | Bangladesh | China | Thailand | Malaysia
Middle East : Saudi | Iran | UAE
Africa Region : Nigeria | Egypt | Sudan | Kenya | Niger

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General office

KAIR Systems Limited
3204, HDS Business Centre, JLT
United Arab Emirates

Phone: +1 302 7861614
Contact Person

Mehreen Ghani / Head of Carrier
Phone: +1 302 7861614
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E911 Support

E911 SupportIs the support for the users of cell phones, allows dialing 911, a standard number for requesting help in situations of emergency. One can also take into account that cell users are mobile; the system allows the emergency services to find your location.

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