K2 Mobile Ivory Coast

International Internet Telephony Service Provider.
K2 Mobile offer only Premium Service.

* Voip (Internet Telephony Service Provider) for Home and Business

- We provide Hosted IP PBX for Corporate and Small Business Companies at very
cheap price: only €2/month /users.
- White label voip with complete billing and softswich ( LCR with least routing).
- Offer Residential unlimited phone call to 60 countries worldwide for only €20
- We offer SIP Trunk accounts for Call center more than 2000 simultaneous calls)
- Call termination route available (unilimited call to landline in some african country

* Hosting & Domain registration service ( We offer Offshore and anonymous Serveurs )

- Hosting anonymous and Offshore Business Companies''''s websites.
- Offer Dedicated Severs fast and Stable(all content accepted but no child porn)
- Secure and anonymous domain registration (all Businesses accepted!)

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K2 Mobile
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Ivory Coast

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