Junon Tel Saudi Arabia

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General office

Junon Tel
Jubail ,111121
Saudi Arabia

Phone: 699553206315
Contact Person

MD Sojib
Phone: +699553206315
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Quintum AFT800

Quintum AFT800Unified solution Quintum AFT800 integrates in itself a gateway, a gatekeeper, and intelligent call routing, Quality of Service (QoS). Tenor device has to be connected to the data network via the Ethernet 10/100 port, to the telephone network through a PBX or to the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

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Romania VocalNet SRL

VocalNet is a world-class carrier, dedicated to anticipating and fulfilling the needs of each of its partners.

Since our inception three years ago, we have provided the best rates and the highest quality service. We have converged our system with the

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