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LINKSYS voip PaP2T -- ka gado muqdisho somalia ama nairobi kadib waxaad helaysaa free calls to somalia ama aduunka kale haddii asxaabtaada ay haystaan internet ------uma baahna kumbiyutar ama qof aqoon leh waa ( ON & OFF ) www.farriin.webs.com

waxaan hayaa dhamaan wixii looga baahan yahay in lagu isticmaalo telefoon internet(VOIP) haddii ay ahaan laheyd barnamijyo ama qalabkii aad adeegsan laheyd labadaba
1) pc to phone - card
2) dvece to phone - callshop (baranche )
3) mobile dailer
4) Linksys voip iib ah (55$ ) muqdisho ka heleysaa

waxaan u baahanahay iibiyayaaal (resellers )

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jungalGroup INC
yaaqshiid - jungal
banadir ,252

Phone: +252615532704
Phone: +966556315212
Site: http://farriin.webs.com/
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Mohamed Hashi / Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966556315212
Phone: +252615565167
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Selective Call Routing

Selective Call RoutingThe system allows you to create a list of numbers, which will be redirected in case if the telephone, to which they call, is unavailable. For example, somebody calls you to the office during your absence and the number of the subscriber who is calling is in the list, accordingly this call will be redirected for instance to the phone of your car or some other indicated by you in the system. In case if at the moment of your absence you will be called from a number that is not in the list, the call will not be redirected but most likely will be sent to the voice mail. Thus, you will never miss a call from partners, who are important to you.

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i2Line`s one of the world`s leading ITSP (Internet Telecommunications Service Provider) for the telecommunication industry. This success is based on a thorough understanding of the needs of customers, leading-edge technologies and a full range of VoIP pro

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