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The main activity of UAB

The main activity of UAB

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Interneto pasaulis
Subaciaus str. 15/2-53

Phone: 37070044001
Phone: 37069993090
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Vidmantas Lapkauskas / general manager
Phone: 37070044001
Phone: 37069993090
  • Internet Telephony Service Provider
  • Call Relay VoIP Solutions
  • Data Conferencing
  • Fax To Fax
  • Installation and Support Services
  • PC to Phone
  • Phone To PC
  • Phone To Phone
  • SIP Softswitch & CPE
  • SIP VoIP Gateway
  • Proprietary

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Why Use PBX?Introduction The use of PBX systems in business is hardly a new revelation. Businesses have been using various stages of the technology for years now, and it is far from a well kept secret that there are major advantages to using a PBX system. However, a lot of businesses that do not use something like Panasonic PBX are clueless as to what they are missing out on. While these businesses manually direct calls, those using NEC PBX use that manpower to increase productivity.

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