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General office
18B Marshall Eagle Street
Amberfield Heights
Gauteng ,0157
South Africa

Phone: +27 72 636 1022
Contact Person

Dawid Venter / Owner
Phone: +27 72 636 1022
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Simultaneous Ring

Simultaneous RingWhen you receive an incoming call to your phone number, your other telephones (cell, home phone, car phone) will ring as well and the first one answered will be connected to the caller. Basically the call will be routed to all phone sets, which you will list in simultaneous ring option.

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United States Voex Inc.

Founded in 2002, VoEx is an enhanced managed services provider that delivers domestic and international Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) long distance services to very large, communications-intensive customers. Based in Grand Rapids, MI, our primary mi

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