HB Tell Pakistan

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General office

HB Tell
haji pura faty garh road
punjab ,54000

Phone: 923055580922
Phone: 923227362531
Site: http://HB Tell
Contact Person

Hassan Butt Butt / owner
Phone: 923055580922
Phone: 923227362531
  • International VoIP Wholesale Provider
  • SIP Billing
  • Voip consulting
  • Wireless Broadband
  • Billing Software
  • Call Relay VoIP Solutions
  • Call Routing VoIP Solutions
  • Gatekeepering
  • IP devices
  • Matrix
  • PC to Phone
  • Phone To PC
  • Phone To Phone
  • Project Mangement Services
  • SIP Softswitch & CPE
  • SIP VoIP Gateway
  • vFone
  • Voice and Video Conferencing
  • Web Call
  • Web To Phone
  • Cisco Systems
  • Huawei VoIP Products
  • Welltech
  • AA VoIP Enabler
  • Billing system of own development
  • Custom Open Source Billing Solution
  • Dialogue Billing
  • GSM-Central
  • Inter-Call.com Billing
  • IP Phone
  • Matrix
  • None
  • Novolink Propietary
  • NTS Billing
  • Tario billing
  • Tario.net
  • Telco Solutions Billing System
  • TeleCount Wholesale Billing
  • VPAN

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Local Numbers The telephone number that is attached to a country, by dialing which it is necessary to take into account the code of the country or region you are calling to. When dialing the number from the same country you are calling to there is no need to enter the country code, but simply a phone number, sometimes a code of the region, might be a case when calling from one state or region to another, applicable to large counties (USA, Canada, Russia, China etc.).

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