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Hamim Tel Plus Bangladesh

Hamim Tel Plus a quality Dialer in the World.We provide A-z Route & Bangladesh White Cli Route Low Rate For Commitment Volume.

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General office

Hamim Tel Plus


Phone: 01925602988
Contact Person

Kazi Md . Sadrul Pasha / Administrator
Phone: +966502575704
Phone: +966542787183
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  • E1 Bulk Wholeseller
  • SIP softphones
  • Voip Switch

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Multiple Queue Priority Routing

Multiple Queue Priority Routing This service gives an opportunity to configure priorities for several queues and different traffic classes at once, by indicating different levels of the priority for every traffic class in one type of service. It is also possible to customize several service types in the router.

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Bangladesh REVE Systems

REVE Systems is a privately held company registered in Bangladesh. It takes IP based communication as the core segment for its working area since the beginning. Being very much focused on IP based communication; REVE Systems knows the requirements of its

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