Hamim Tel Plus Bangladesh

Hamim Tel Plus a quality Dialer in the World.We provide A-z Route & Bangladesh White Cli Route Low Rate For Commitment Volume.

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General office

Hamim Tel Plus


Phone: 01925602988
Contact Person

Kazi Md . Sadrul Pasha / Administrator
Phone: +966502575704
Phone: +966542787183
  • Internet Telephony Service Provider
  • E1 Bulk Wholeseller
  • SIP softphones
  • Voip Switch

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Enhanced Outgoing Calling Plan

Enhanced Outgoing Calling Plan The enhanced version of a standard plan of outgoing calls offers the administrators more control over outgoing calls within their groups. In addition to “blocking” and “access” of definite calls, administrators also have an opportunity to customize the profile of outgoing calls of their group and separate participants.

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