Genzee Voice United Kingdom

Provider of Flexible Hosted VoIP Solutions that will fit in with our customer''s business and not the other way around

We can help you with:
* Virtual PBX / Hosted PBX services
* Business Telephone Systems to suit your business
* Expert Advice on how to Save Money on your Phone Bill
* Advice on using your Telephones more Efficiently, Saving both Time and Money
* Bespoke Solutions for your Business, whether it is help with Remote Workers, IVR (Using a phone to perform certain tasks or routing calls) or building a new product for you
* Integrating Your IT Systems with your Telephone System, whether it is to Provide Statistics, or Integration with your Website, Click2Dial, etc

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General office

Genzee Voice
11 Welbeck Street
London ,W1G 9XZ
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 844 7744 710
Contact Person

Carel Solomon / Director
Phone: +44 844 7744 710
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  • Hardware
  • Hosted PBX Service Provider
  • International VoIP Wholesale Provider
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  • Consultancy Services
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  • Installation and Support Services
  • IP devices
  • Sip Trunking
  • SIP VoIP Gateway
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  • Virtual PBX
  • Asterisk
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  • Digium
  • grandstream
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Hosted Voip Solutions

Hosted Voip Solutions Hosted VoIP Solutions and associated benefits. Hosted VoIP solutions have been upgrading business operations all around the World. Advanced user features and related benefits heavily surpass outrun the use of regular PSTN lines and traditional PXB telephony which has been relied on since the 60’s. Since the introduction of broadband internet which provides a rapid connection to the internet, new PBX telephony systems have incredibly better performance than of old technologies and have established the standards for communication in business.

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