GBSS Inc. Bangladesh

Wholesale voip,retail voip,call to bangladesh,call to india,pak,nepal,dialer IPSTAR,gtalk24

Wholesale voip,retail voip,call to bangladesh,call to india,pak,nepal,dialer IPSTAR,gtalk24

Dear all voip business is first growing in the world now,we have good quality route for all over the world,we have good quality bangladesh,india,pak,nepal....a-z so on,

our platinum dialer IPSTAR we are offering reseller1,reseller2,reseller3 for retail business.In voip market retail business is huge profitable business,for retails business we are offering BD WHITE 780 min,India 2300 min,pak 1300 min we ensure all routes are white no gray mixing.we have also calling card service for U.S.A,,provide callingcard,pinless service,homeservice and we ensure no hidden fee.

if any one need wholesale business in BD we have full STM capacity,retail business (For Dialer),calling from U.S.A please


Moinuddin chowdhury

NOC gbss Inc.(GTALK24.COM)

yahoo ID :

email ID:

BD Mobile:8801833404431

For U.S.A : +13024375316

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General office

Caoranbazar ,1103

Phone: +8801833404431
Contact Person

Moin Uddin Chowdhury / SEO
Phone: +8801833404431
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