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Finescom Oy Finland

International Voice Termination

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General office

Finescom Oy


Phone: +358 9 31577202
Contact Person

Olga Barkhotkina / MD
Phone: +358931577202
  • A-Z Termination
  • Call shop solution
  • Porta One
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Call Shop Billing

Call Shop BillingCall Shop Billing is software which is widely used in Call Shops and Internet Cafes, where visitors make phone calls or use Internet services and afterwards pay the operator for the used services. This software is not only restricted to internet billing and phone calls, but it also includes a management system for the orders such as Scans, Photocopies, Prints, CD and DVD writes, basic catering services.

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Iran Shetab Telecom

Shetab phone-to-phone service has been stabilished in 1380 (2001), presenting a pleasant quality in international calls, using VoIP technology via E1 digital lines.Shetab provides various facilities for customers comfort and hospitality, w

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