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Finescom Oy Finland

International Voice Termination

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General office

Finescom Oy


Phone: +358 9 31577202
Contact Person

Olga Barkhotkina / MD
Phone: +358931577202
  • A-Z Termination
  • Call shop solution
  • Porta One
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Asterisk Servers

Asterisk ServersMain portion of the advantages of the Asterisk server appears from it being an open source downloadable product. Most of the users, especially business people, can find it difficult to understand the idea behind this principle, or free software, but a business models behind open source are different and specific, as in case with Asterisk server.

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Ukraine VoIP Experts

VOIP Experts is an outsourcing company that focuses exclusively on maintenance and service in telecommunications. Our focus is on customer support services that utilize the latest technologies. We use a highly-educated workforce in order to create maximum

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