Ctc Express Omannet Green Call And White Express Bangladesh

My Excellent Voice. our grae route able able low rate sales

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General office

Ctc Express Omannet Green Call And White Express

Phone: 008801728417363
Phone: 008801757181982
Contact Person

Md Kamrul Hassan / Administator
Phone: 008801728417363
Phone: 008801757181982
  • 3-Way Calling
  • 7, 10 and 11 digit dialling
  • 3CX Phone System
  • Billing system of own development

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Meet Me Conference Calling

Meet Me Conference CallingFeature allows subscribers calling to a certain number in order to connect to a conference call. The one, who dials the number, will connect to the conference. However as a conference controller one should give that certain number to all the participants and set the time for conference in order for the participants to be able to set up a successful conference.

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United States Epic Communications, Inc.

Epic Communications has a product portfolio that integrates with a variety of environments and network types. We provide solutions to access traditional, broadband, DSL and IP based networks for voice, video, and data. For the core network functionality w

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