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3351 MARINE BLVD, #49
United States

Phone: +1-888-460-9973
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Phone: +1-888-460-9973
Phone: +62-8151622619
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Plantronics Blackwire C620-M USB

Plantronics Blackwire C620-M USBThe Blackwire C620-M by Plantronics is a USB binaural headset that was optimized to work in conjunction with Microsoft Lync. With its inline volume controls and support for wideband audio, the C620-m is designed for comfortable pleasantly fitting all day use.

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Kenya Hilaactel

Hilaac Telecom Limited, is Registered in KENYA - NAIROBI.
we send traffic to A-Z every second, HILAAC have operated VoIP business only with our 30 professional.
We will get a good business with success if you have chosen interconnect with us!

Hilaac has getting new route with good rate every day, please feel free to contact me if you have any requirement about VoIP route business from A-Z.
Good route and huge volume of traffic, ALL you can find here!

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