Budgetel Ltd. Lithuania

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General office

Budgetel Ltd.
Buivydiskiu 13-54

Phone: +370 654 30703
Phone: +370 674 78267
Site: http://www.budgetel.net
Contact Person

Andrius Kairiukshtis / General Manager
Phone: +370 654 30703
Phone: +370 654 30703
  • Internet Telephony Service Provider
  • Phone To Phone
  • Gatekeepering
  • Outsourced Billing
  • PC to Phone
  • IP devices
  • Web To Phone
  • Termination
  • Billing Software
  • H.323 VoIP Gateway
  • Call Routing VoIP Solutions
  • Cisco Systems
  • Dialogic Based
  • VocalTec
  • Mera
  • Audiocodes
  • Antek
  • Trabas

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MGCP Follows Master-Slave Protocol Model

MGCP Follows Master-Slave Protocol ModelA Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) is a Voice over Internet Protocol system used to handle the exchange of information and the management of a multimedia conference session. The exchange of information, known as signaling, is responsible for connecting, controlling and terminating sessions. Therefore, an MGCP protocol is used to set up, maintain and end calls between multiple points.

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