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General office

dhaka ,66000

Phone: 20165312435
Phone: 25487547485
Contact Person

mohamad ali / salles man
Phone: 232545884
Phone: 20165312435
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Remote Access to Voicemail

Remote Access to Voicemail The service allows you to check the voice mail not being by the phone or computer where the mail comes. All one has to do is dial a special number (usually given by the communication provider) and listen to voice mails.

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Serbia Telekom Srbija

Telekom Srbija" a.d. with its head office in Belgrade, Takovska 2, was incorporated as a joint stock company in June 1997. In direct sale, 49% of share capital worth DEM 1.568 billion was privatized - 29% was purchased by Italian STET and 20% by Greek OTE

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