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Founded in 2010 by a team of highly skilled experienced Telecoms specialists, specialising in VoIP technology, customer care and marketing management, technical support and assurance . The company was created out of a need by end-users for a resource tha

VoIP services have several advantages for businesses. As phone calls are transmitted over the internet as data, the service dramatically lowers telecommunication costs. Whether you are in a car or at a business meeting thousands of miles away you can still make as well as receive calls without incurring great expenses. VoIP services have several advantages for businesses. And, you will never miss a call or communication from a client. Where you go your business connections will go with you.

With advances in technology, it is no longer essential for you or your caller to be seated at a computer terminal. VoIP calls can be made using standard phones or IP phones. You can reap the benefits by using the extensive internet network in your offices to communicate better at little cost.

The phone system can be transported wherever you go and apart from calls, data can be transferred with great ease. You can do away with expenses related to maintenance of phone infrastructure and costly industry regulations.

Most VoIP systems are such that you can use your laptop along with a headphone or microphone to talk. So you will never miss an important business call. Furthermore, you can get voice mail and faxes forwarded automatically to your mail box. Similarly you can archive, file, or forward data to different employees or offices at the press of a button.

You can get virtual phone numbers of any available area code. So, even if you are in Cape Town you can have phone numbers pertaining to Durban or Pretoria. The VoIP numbers can be set so as to simultaneously ring on the IP phone, landline, as well as cell phone. Then it will be automatically diverted to voice mail. This according to expert analysis results in greatly increased productivity. Internet telephony added up to nearly 4 additional hours each week per employee.

Since VoIP systems are constantly evolving its use will keep your business abreast with technology and the advantages that come with it. New wireless PDA/phone combinations will enable you to use VoIP services when you are near a Wi-Fi network and use the cell phone when you are away from a network. This increases mobility without added expenses. The IP network offers your business real-time high quality videoconferencing facilities that are affordable. The system also supports complex call center applications.

VoIP systems offer not just cost effectiveness. There is greater productivity, efficient incorporation of data, the ability to handle all business communication requirements such as Internet, e-mail, customer services, voice mail, as well as video conferencing. Software accounting programs, filing systems, and other PC based applications integrate seamlessly with VoIP systems. By combining data, video and audio needs, companies save incredible amounts on bandwidth usage.

Whether your business is small or large, VoIP offers a flexible and affordable option to sophisticated communication systems.

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Amman Communications
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Mimoena Mustapha Ganief / Ceo
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Dialog 4425 IP Vision Dialog 4425 IP Vision is a professional IP-phone with additional features, including multi-line management function and built-in graphics display to meet all user needs. In addition, it can be used in small meeting rooms.

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